Lily’s Seafood – Royal Oak, Michigan

Lily’s Seafood – Royal Oak, Michigan

Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 1Visit Lily’s Seafood at 410 S. Washington Avenue in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan and experience a delightful variety of uniquely prepared ocean critters, craft beers and indulgent desserts.

Start your dinner off with a whopping platter of mouth-watering Calimari Lily’s Style, served atop a delicious drizzle of roasted red pepper aioli with an unexpected but Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 3  Calypso Crab Cakessurprisingly fitting relish of finely chopped pepperoncini on the side. Tender ’til the last bite, we promise you won’t find this appetizer overly chewy as calimari can so often be. Tablemates of I Love Detroit Michigan also thoroughly enjoyed first courses of Lily’s Creole Soup and the Calypso Crab Cakes.

Top entree recommendations of I Love Detroit Michigan include the ultra-rich Three Cheese Ravioli with Salmon in Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 7 Three Cheese Ravioli with SalmonChipotle Cream, the extremely meaty North Shore Seafood Pasta, Grandma Lily’s Crabby Pork Chops stuffed with Maryland jumbo lump crabmeat, and the perfectly cooked Steamed Shrimp and Scallop Platter. Worth mentioning but less impressive were the Tuna Burger and the Sesame Crusted Chicken Salad.

Finish off in high style with one of our three confectious Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 10 Grandma Lilys Crabby Pork Chopsendorsees: Mom’s Key Lime Pie, Michigan Cherry Upside Down Cake or the supremely decadent Sanders Cream Puff.

Lily’s also features a full bar and a decent selection of quality wines. Beer drinkers will be more than impressed with their intriguing roster of handcrafted beers, brewed on site. You can even schedule a tour of their brewing facilities if you happen to discover your new all-time favorite amongst their Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 15 Moms Key Lime Cheesecakechoices.

One more thing, dear readers: if you’re unfamiliar with Downtown Royal Oak and you don’t ride a motorcycle, do yourself a huge favor and avoid showing up on a Wednesday or Thursday night in the Summer for reasons clearly articulated here. ~I♥DM

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Lilys Seafood 410 S Washington Royal Oak Michigan 9 North Shore Seafood Pasta

Dale Carlson

Dale Carlson grew up along the northeastern shores of Lake Michigan, where at a young age Detroit called out to him in his dreams. In 2008, after extended stays in ten different Michigan cities, the author settled permanently in southeast Oakland County where he currently lives and works in various capacities within the local real estate industry.