Curry On Crust Desi Pizza – Canton, Michigan

Curry On Crust Desi Pizza – Canton, Michigan

Curry On Crust Desi Pizza 1Since its opening in February of 2012 Curry On Crust Desi Pizza in Canton has been the subject of lots of positive local press with more than a few reviewers describing their combination of Asian-Indian cuisine and Italian pie as ‘odd’….. but any pizza lover who’s ever dipped paneer na’an in Masala sauce might’ve just as easily come up with this idea. We here at I Love Detroit Michigan, from the outset, believed this fusion to be a completely natural marriage of well-established gastronomic traditions. Frankly, it’s hard for us to believe no one else in the Metro area has done it before.

Curry On Crust Desi Pizza 3Our expectations had been brewing for a good 10 months before we finally made the necessary trip to the west side over the last weekend. We were more than satisfied by both the Butter Chicken Pizza and the Chicken Tikka Pizza. These two Indian standards translated perfectly to the pizza concept. Curry On Crust’s seamless synthesis of two distinct flavor profiles can be fairly described as slightly more true to the defining qualities of pizza than traditional Indian Curry On Crust Desi Pizza 4fare, but only by a bit. All the subtleties and nuances of spice one would expect from a conventional Subcontinental restaurant are present here, with a well developed, hearty crust that is only slightly reminiscent of a genuine na’an. It’s worth noting that both of our pizzas reheated beautifully at 400 degrees for 15 minutes nearly two full days after they were prepared fresh. Sadly, our small party of two afforded us only a very limited sampling of their Curry On Crust Desi Pizza 625 unique pizza recipes, but we assure you, our loyal readers, that we’ll be adding many more photos to this review’s album in the near future as we anticipate multiple returns. Not only was the flavor and quality spot on, these pies were also extremely photogenic! The Masala Potato Wedges were the only other dish we had the pleasure of sampling and they made for a very appetizing accompaniment. Careful though, they pack a punch heat-wise. Keep a beverage nearby.

Curry On Crust Desi Pizza 2Curry On Crust Desi Pizza is located at 45490 Ford Road on the far west side of Wayne County. They’re pretty affordable with small pizzas running around $7 and larges around $11 to $12 depending on what you may or may not add. Their selection of seven different appetizers runs from $3 to $9. Beverages are limited to canned Pepsi brands and bottled water with no alcohol. They’re closed Mondays but open at 11am the other six days of the week. They serve ’til 9pm on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Service might lack a bit of enthusiasm but the quality of your meal ought to more than make up for it. For the best and most efficient results we recommend you make your friendly presence politely obvious to whomever is lurking in the kitchen upon your arrival ’cause they might not notice ya for a sec if you don’t. ~I♥DM

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Dale Carlson

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