Guti and Norm Talley at TV Bar, Detroit, Michigan, 1-21-2012

Guti and Norm Talley at TV Bar, Detroit, Michigan, 1-21-2012

Guti @ TV Bar 1-21-2012 #4Chalk up another win for Paxahau Event Productions‘ booking department. Despite growing into the area’s biggest promoter of mainstream electronic dance music over the last half decade, they’ve never shunned their underground roots and  they continue to bring acts to town that epitomize the cutting edge of house and techno.

Their most recent success occured last Saturday night at TV Bar on Grand River Avenue in Detroit and featured the mixing styles of ultra-versatile Argentinian producer, Guti (born Gabriel Gutiérrez), plus a righteous opening set by long-time Detroit house DJ, Norm Talley. Check out these links to hear a few of Guti’s best and most recent collaborative productions, including recent works composed with Detroiters-turned-Berliners, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves. Learn more about the careers of both Guti and Talley at Paxahau’s website, and read a short interview with Guti by clicking on this link to

Guti @ TV Bar 1-21-2012 #2Paxahau’s sterling booking rep will be even further augmented by their upcoming Wednesday night event at Cliff Bell’s, featuring Movement creative director, Carl Craig, and the shadowy underworldly sounds of legendary techno producer, Moritz Von Oswald. Keep an eye open for our upcoming coverage of this extremely promising free event, and if you’ve got the good taste to do so, experience it in person. ~I♥DM

Guti @ TV Bar 1-21-2012 #3

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